Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nonsense oops! Relativity for dummies

Before going any further, let me define two terms (The rest will be explained in the course of discussion).
Object – Any “thing” with a physical presence, that is anything with shape (whatever be the shape) and a location.(So it include anything which we can see or touch or visualize and have a location.). An object can be an atom, a molecule, a crystal, earth or the sun! (Anything with a 3-dimensional structure). The great thing about an object is we can draw a picture of the object.
Object - that which has shape and location/physical presence.
Concept –something that needs an intellectual brain to conceive. This does not ‘exist’ in the physical realm but only in our thoughts. Say for example MIND - this is the overall function of our brain or LOVE – an emotion. However, you dissect your body you will never find any of these as these do not exist. (We can never draw a picture; we can draw only some picture to represent a concept - reification, like a heart, to signify love)
Concept- an idea conceived (thought) by a sentient being.
Now coming to relativity
The following are the two postulates of special relativity.
1. The Principle of Relativity:

laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames of reference.

2. The Constancy of Speed of Light in Vacuum:

speed of light in a vacuum has the same value c in all inertial frames of reference.
When you look at these postulates there is nothing wrong with it.
The laws of physics should be same everywhere. That is why they are called “laws”.
The speed of light should be same. That is, it is just obeying Newton’s laws of motion. Then what is wrong?
This should be clearer, so let me quote Wikipedia: “Special relativity incorporates the principle that the speed of light is the same for all inertial observers regardless of the state of motion of the source".
Now let us reconsider the postulates
What the postulate says is NOT constancy of the speed of light as such, but the speed of light in relation to an OBSERVER ("reference" frame also means the same). That is the speed (measured by the observer) of light will remain constant irrespective of the direction and speed of the observer as long as he is in static velocity. But how is that possible? The speed of anything with respect to the observer will change according to speed and direction of the of the observer for the simple reason that speed is a variable depending on the distance traveled and time. Obviously, the distance traveled will vary depending on the observer, but why should we even bother about what the observer measures? Why should we insist that though he got a different value, we should do any trick to calibrate the instrument to 'c'?
But this is a fallacy. In science, the observer got no role other than to rationally explain the interaction between objects. Every crucial term has to be objectively defined and the definition should be kept throughout. Instead, relativists rely on the observer. So they get many wrong conclusions. To make up for that, instead of rectifying the mistake they came with a new concept - spacetime and say speed is a property of spacetime. So what is space-time? Frankly, I don’t know. What I know is what space and time are. They are two concepts
Space – a negative. It is our conceptualization of nothing, Emptiness, Lack of anything etc. It lacks a shape but provides shape to objects. It is the distance between two objects- a null.
Time:- again a concept, which we use to define the two location of an object. Or for us, the ordinary human beings, the different locations of the sun with respect to us. A day for us is when the sun gets back to the same location after it moves away from the location. We (someone) arbitrarily divided it into hours and minutes, which again are concepts.
So when relativists say that these concepts interact to produce something called space-time, they are, in effect reifying the concepts which are akin to saying that love and justice together form ‘something’ which is nonsense. They also mistake time as the ticking of a clock (atomic or other doesn’t matter). What they say is, when these clocks are taken in shuttles which move at great speed the clocks slowed, so time slowed. Imagine if we say our watch slowed in a high-speed train hence time slowed!! What they don’t understand is a clock is something which is made to “measure” the concept of time in relation to the sun so that we can continue our daily transactions easily. The experiment can tell only one thing- we have to discover a new clock, whose measurement does not depend on gravity/velocity and not that time slowed or dilated!!
They also talk about spacetime curve! The day space or time ‘curving’ will be the day your 'mind' burns and 'hate' dances on two legs, literally. Space is that with no boundaries and edges. It is not some 'object' to bend or curve and will never exhibit the properties of an object. It is not something, it is the just absence of everything.
Then again there is another concept which helps the relativists- a meter. How? A meter is defined as the distance traveled by light in 1/c of a second, c being the speed of light. Now let’s imagine a standard meter on our earth. Suppose the observer sees 2 or 1/2 meter of the earth meter as the distance traveled by light for that observer the 2 or ½ earth meter is the standard meter. A bit too convenient!!
(They also don’t tell you what light is or will tell you that it is a “wave-particle”? – Particle, OK -an object. What is this wave? A wave is a concept- the to and fro motion of an object is called a wave. When you say a wave occurs it is just that the object moves to and fro and the motion is transmitted without the object moving away from the default position. Suppose waves in a sea- the water column moves up and down. So for a wave to occur there should be a medium (water in case of waves in the sea)( a sine wave of mathematics is a concept(a 2D drawing which never occurs in nature). What is the medium of light “wave”? Or is it that the single particle moves in a wave format? Then why a particle (that too, only light) projected from a source move up and down instead of a straight line? Questions are yet to be answered.)
Now let us examine some of the consequences
Time dilation: a concept dilates!! Maybe in full-fledged relativity love may also dilate and justice contracts!!
Length contraction: don’t be mistaken. These people do not know the difference between length, distance and distance traveled. What they, in fact, mean is the 'distance traveled' when they say length contracted. So beware if you throw a jack-fruit at the speed of light it may become a grape!! [Actually according to the Lorentz equation, , when the speed reaches c, the object cease to exist {L = Lo x√(1-c2/c2as  v=c, ie, L  = L0 x 1-√(1-1) ie, L= Lox 0, so L= 0}, that is the length becomes zero, (let us conveniently forget that the fact that we cannot measure the length of an object when it is in the line of our vision), the jack-fruit will cease to exist.]
Mass increase: Don’t get confused again. They don’t mean the number of atoms in matter increase. They simply mean some mathematical concepts only. Maybe some equations may get into the matter when it travels!!
Maximum speed is finite: (that is the speed of light). Maybe if you try to travel faster, space might come and block you just like a rock can block your car. But still, they say in general relativity that all objects (including nothing) move away from them faster than light (if only they had taken a bath!!)
Mass-energy equivalence: What are energy and mass? Energy is again a concept - the capacity to do work - DO NOT exist. Maybe both concepts are same if only they can tell us what 'mass' really is!!
General relativity
The upshot of this is that free fall is inertial motion.
Einstein first proposed that spacetime is curved.
First, they say there is nothing called absolute motion. (That is true because 'motion' is relative – in relation to another object. If there is only one object there can be no motion). But to say free fall is due to inertial motion is to say there is something called absolute motion (It also does not explain why free fall is towards the bigger object!)
To explain that they make NOTHING curves. Wonderfully lunatic!!
The consequences
Clocks run more slowly in regions of lower gravitational potential (gravitational time dilation.)
So they finally agree clocks can run slower because of gravitation. Only problem! because clocks run slower it somehow “slows” time too…
Rays of light bend in the presence- they don’t know what light is (let alone ray of light, they know it bends!) Rotating masses "drag along" the spacetime around them
Now objects are starting to attract concepts and drag them. Beware your love or justice too might be dragged!
"The Universe is expanding faster than the speed of light".
Just because 'matter' is in constant motion does not mean it is expanding. Well, what exactly is expanding? The universe is also a concept. OK, it is all the matter in the world moving away from each other! But NO, what they are saying is space is also expanding. There is some boundary for the universe and the whole universe and space is expanding. I was under the impression that only inner-wears use elastic!!
The problem with relativists is they are not scientists, they are mathematicians. Mathematicians always substitute equations for reality. When the reality does not conform to their equations, they try to modify reality instead of the equations, but unfortunately for them, ‘reality’ will not ‘bend’ for anybody!!
One word about dimension before concluding-.
The relativist says spacetime has 4 dimensions.
What is a dimension? Dimension is the representation we use to identify/signify the orientation of an object. Only an object can have dimension. Space has NO orientation. The three dimensions are length, breadth and height or mathematically the 3 ‘axis’. There is no room for another dimension. Or are they meaning location? ‘Location’ is represented by latitude, longitude, and altitude. ‘Location’ is one object's relation to another. If there is only one object this does not carry any meaning. Space has no location either! Saying something as 4 dimensional is akin to saying square circles or triangular laughs exists - carry no meaning, just blabbering.
So the whole concept of relativity crumbles if we rationally examine it. It is just a sort of religion now, where people simply accept it without question. This has become the new religion for the modern man. Let us hope, someday science will get away from the clutches of this new religion....